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trustIDconcept is a security printing consultation agency operating in various countries, providing support in designing and planning security cards, passports, bank cards and other security documents, assistance with the set-up of factories to print them, and guidance through the first steps of operation.

Some of the security documents trustIDconcept can help with:

  • passports – including data page,
  • ID cards – including driving licences,
  • vehicle ownership documents, 
  • bank cards
  • access cards,
  • healthcare cards, 
  • covid cards.

Are you looking for a different security document or smart card? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us now.  

Security document design

Security document design

Designing the security elements of documents such as passports, ID cards, access or healthcare cards is one of the core activities of trustIDconcept. Finding the optimal point where the security level, the client’s requirements and international standards meet the budget is a state-of-the-art achievement and we pride ourselves on reaching this point every time.

To provide functional, secure and exclusive designs, trustIDconcept focuses on the following steps:

  • creating the security graphic design concept,
  • choosing security inks including visible and non-visible inks,
  • recommending security carriers, whether they be paper- or plastic-based,
  • providing centralised and/or de-centralised personalisation,
  • DOVIDs (holograms),
  • application of IT devices in a secure environment,
  • defining the mix of traditional and state-of-the-art IT security solutions and devices,
  • providing security personalisation (visual and non-visual elements with optical and logical in-built security).

We are happy to recommend reliable manufacturers to source inks and paper or plastic carriers for the documents.


Document Production Planning

End-to-End Security Document Production Planning 

New to security printing? Planning to outsource the project?

With its extensive international consultancy experience in designing, planning and setting up security document printing and ID card factories in different countries and guiding them through the first steps of operation, trustIDconcept is there for you to take over this daunting task.

We know the right professionals for you whether you need contractors, technology suppliers or other experts.

Thanks to our extensive network in the sector, we can help you with:

  • involving investors and business partners,
  • strategising the process,
  • calculating the financial forecast,
  • optimising costs and processes,
  • planning and personalising data handling,
  • providing technical advice on the production,
  • quality control,
  • mailing the document,
  • and troubleshooting.


Technology Improvement

Technology Improvement 

trustIDconcept is keen to be always two steps ahead of counterfeiters and forgers and we recommend our partners oversee and update their technology to keep their documents secure.

Knowing how to improve existing technology by applying the best available know-how and eliminating weaknesses helps our clients to leave their competitors behind.

Also, improving existing technologies is an effective way to prepare processes for future technologies and reduce forthcoming costs.




When a failure occurs during security document production, every waste of a minute or unit of raw material is painful. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance to have the right person to hand: someone with a broad understanding of all the processes.

trustIDconcept offers an on-site and off-site troubleshooting service at all stages of production, from the first printed sheet to the final personalisation of the secure document, including:

  • designing (especially security design),
  • pre-press,
  • printing (wet and dry offset printing, screen printing, pad printing, digital printing, etc.),
  • varnishing,
  • collation,
  • lamination,
  • die-cutting,
  • hologramming,
  • chip-embedding,
  • personalization (laser engraving, thermo and re-transfer printing, embossing, indenting etc.), 
  • and mailing.





Audit consulting

Based in the EU but providing worldwide services, trustIDconcept has prepared several of its clients to meet the physical and logical pre-qualification requirements of international audits.

We know the most effective ways to fulfill the requirements of many different audits, including:

  • ISO 9001,
  • ISO 27001,
  • ISO 14298,
  • PCI-CP,
  • Mastercard CQM.

Check out the card standards in which Kristóf Kalauz is an expert.

Technology consulting

From designing or developing technology to implementing and managing systems or processes, trustIDconcept is ready to guide its clients through the daunting choices of the latest raw materials, machines, software, technologies, and know-how in the ID and bank card printing sector.

When troubleshooting, CEO Kristóf Kalauz gets a deep insight into the most typical errors during the printing processes and how they could be avoided in the first place, what the most important expectations of the customers are when it comes to ID, bank card or other security document printing, and how these expectations can be fully met.

It is important to know these problems and requirements when a new security printing plant is designed, or an existing factory needs to be improved. Kristóf Kalauz guides his clients through the required, recommended and optimal security document printing technologies, and tailors the machinery and technology to their needs.

Passport, ID and bank card personalisation

The choice of security elements, when it comes to raw materials, inks, technologies and design, can be overwhelming even for professionals. To provide the requisite level of security, trustIDconcept assists not only in picking the right technology and security configuration but also in finding the right supplier partners and installing the entire technology.

The consultation service covers the visual and electronic personalisation methods for various documents (paper- and plastic-based documents, and cards as well), including ID cards, passport data pages, bank cards, smart cards and other security products.

In the case of bank cards, clients usually need to decide on the personalisation of magnetic stripe coding, indenting, embossing and chip coding. There are many other ways, however, to augment the uniqueness and security level of a card. We can help our clients to understand what is needed and what is not.

When it comes to security documents like ID cards or passport data pages, the most important features to consider are laser engraving (both physical and logical) that includes security elements, DOD (drop-on-demand) printing with UV curing, personalisation of the chip, the printing of a unique colour photograph, and the application of additional security identifiers onto the card, whether the implementation of the printing is centralised or decentralised.

Whether the printing process should be centralised or decentralised is also an important security question in itself that needs to be thoroughly understood before decision-making takes place.

trustIDconcept is happy to provide consultancy in all parts of the personalisation process.

Professional consultancy for governmental institutes, authorized state-owned security printing companies and national/international ID producers

trustIDconcept offers professional consultancy services to help governmental institutes, authorised state-owned security printing companies, and national/international ID producers comply with applicable national and international security standards and requirements.

Our consultancy services include a thorough analysis of the requirements and standards, followed by the development of a vision and presentation of available solutions. We recommend potential technology partners based on the initial discussions and requirements.

We provide proposals for the applicable security features, materials, chips, card layouts, printing and personalisation technologies, antenna technologies, card OS, and visual and electronic personalisation systems for ID cards or passports with or without a hard data page.

We also negotiate with possible system element suppliers (software, hardware, consumables, etc) to fine-tune potential solutions, and provide professional and technical assistance in the tender documentation.

We offer continuous support in the implementation of the chosen solution, including professional assistance in contractual negotiations with selected suppliers. We also assist in the workflow, security measures, management systems, technical and production documentation, etc., during the ramp-up phase.

Moreover, we elaborate on the concept of a new production facility/factory based on the selected products and technologies, including the production and material flow, and security concerns.

trustIDconcept CEO Kristóf Kalauz is committed to providing our clients with top-notch professional consultancy services that meet their specific needs and requirements.




Competence development

Training & Competency Development

Developing the competence and professional skills of colleagues working on security printing projects for governments or for commercial application is the only way to achieve optimum results at the end of the day.

If the people participating in the production are competent, they carry out more efficient work, decreasing the possibility of unexpected problems and the costs arising from them.

trustIDconcept is, therefore, happy to offer:

  • professional training,
  • know-how transfers,
  • technology-related training,
  • and advice on best practice.

“Security in production should be achieved through ongoing education and frequent training so that people truly understand and know what they are doing.”

trustIDconcept founder and CEO Kristóf Kalauz